Innovative Wood Process Solutions

The future isn't what it used to be!

While leading engineering for wood product manufacturers over the last 20+ years, this is the single most important thing I have learned and continue to learn.

In the context of being responsible for $100+ in machinery acquisition and starting up, re-engineering and moving plants I learned that the questions we ask have the biggest impact on our future.

Machinery Woodworker

The future doesn't just happen it is created. The biggest surprise about the future is that it gets here sooner than we planned.

Willie Peterson says it best

"As strategic leaders we have to derive increasing simplicity from increasing complexity. Information is universally accessible and becoming free to all. The internet offers it to us on a plate. No longer does the world belong to the ones with the most information, but to those with the highest ability to make sense of it; no longer to those who know more but to those who understand it better."

The best answers come from the best questions, the best questions come from the deepest understanding.

What question if you had the answer to it, would tell you what you need or want to know the most? We assist manufacturing organizations by synthesizing a winning strategy based on the best questions formed by a deep understanding.

It has been said what you don't know can't help you. From a broad but deep experience, strong technical back ground and an astute appreciation for organizational empowerment we derive holistic strategic solutions that drive the future. What would you like to create together?


With a holistic focus we are excited to offer assessments, improvements and services in the following areas:

Woodworking factory Computer
  • Wood Manufacturing Operations
  • Plant design, start up, re-engineering, relocation
  • Information Technology, ERP, Shop floor control,Scheduling
  • Process Improvements
  • Strategy
  • Environmental, Health, Safety
  • Plant Integration/Automation

We provide specialized focus in the following areas:

  • Growth Strategies Finishing
  • Coating development, Environmental Permitting, System Design, Delivery/Curing System Design
  • Organizational Development specifically for manufacturing
  • Mass Customization/Scalability/Lead-time reduction